Marvellous Monsoon Season

The Rishikesh landscape is so pristine and green now! The Himalaya foothills are covered with juicy, fresh leaves and the roads are lined by glowing trees and shrubs. In the mountain area countless waterfalls, streams & springs are coming to life. Not to mention the many colourful butterflies everywhere once the sun comes out inbetween the showers.
Not all days are humid and it isn’t raining every day. In fact, as it doesn’t rain all the time and temperatures are really pleasant, you can go walking or trekking.
Fewer tourists in town means that the rather touristy places close down and you can book 1:1 individual yoga sessions or benefit from the various drop-in classes at the yoga schools that haven’t closed. Yoga Teacher Training is possible also during the monsoon months.
It is the perfect season for a retreat-like detoxing programme. Take Rishikesh as a hideaway and book yourself a series of ayurvedic treatments (Panchkarma) or a holistic healing programme.
As the rafting season is over, you can now enjoy the more natural, original side of Ganga.
Book yourself into one of our balcony rooms overlooking the Ganga valley and take time to go within, meditate and study. Rishikesh has so many ashram bookshops as well as public bookstores specialising in spiritual literature!
Visit an ashram or temple and book a special puja or yagna (ceremony) in your name or in the name of your loved ones– or get your new mala charged.
Book an excursion to Dehradun, capital of the state Uttarakhand: for shopping, cinema, temple visits (e.g. Shri Shirdi Sai Baba temple) or exploration of one of the largest Buddhist institutes in India (Mindrolling Monastery) and the World Peace Stupa.
Come for a weekend or several weeks – you’ll be delighted about the unique atmosphere in Rishikesh, also during the Monsoon season.
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